My Absolute Worst Mom Fail

Mom fail

Mom fail
Mom fail

Thanks for clicking through on this one ladies. I really need to get this one off my chest.

Lets me start off by saying i’d like to consider myself a pretty darn good mom. Seriously, I try really hard, and it’s something I take a lot of pride in. With that being said though, today I feel like the worst Mom in the world.

This isn’t something I want to share. When it happened I was mortified, I wished with everything that it could have been undone, but was so grateful that no one was around to see it. Not like that really makes it any better.

But, after it was over and I thought about it I realized I had to share my story.


Because one of the first things I did when it was over was google if anyone else had done the same. They had, and I felt better knowing I was not alone and that everything was going to be alright.

Plus, this blog is all about sharing what I know in hopes that other mothers can benefit from what i’ve learned.

Sooo, if this has happened to you please know that you are not alone, and if it hasn’t please read through to the end to see how this mistake could have been easily avoided.

My Absolute Worst Mom Fail

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This morning I was cleaning the bathroom while my 18 month old daughter was playing. She likes to help me while I clean so I give her a paper towel and she mimics me by wiping things down.

She noticed that when I was done with a paper towel I would put it in our little bathroom trash bin, so she would do the same.

While doing so, without me noticing, she took something out of the trash and left the room. She was gone for a minute and then came back into the room holding somthing to her mouth, blowing into it like a whistle.

I didn’t have any idea what it was, but I just had a terrible feeling.

What did my daughter have in her mouth?


It was so absolutely disgusting and I just feel like I have failed her for letting it happen. Especially when it could have been so easily avoided.

What could have been done to avoid this?

If you ask my fiancé, he’s famous for saying “just watch her”. If reading that makes you want to punch him in his face then hunny you’re my new best friend.

Yes I agree, we need to keep a close eye on our toddlers. They are still young, don’t know what’s safe and unsafe, and they need to be supervised.

But if you’ve been a mom to a toddler for more than five minutes you know that is absolutely impossible to stand there all day and stare directly at your child so that they don’t do anything they are not supposed to do.

Once your baby reaches toddlerhood it’s actually quite amazing to be able to step away for a moment while they play (close by) by themselves so you can get somthing done.

But to be able to do this your home needs to be baby proofed, and ours is not. We just moved into our new home recently and we haven’t babyproof yet. But believe me know, it just became priority number one.

It kills me that this has happened and it could have easily been avoided with a trash can with a lid and a cheap little adhesive strap lock.

I really do hope this never happens to your child. Take my advice and take baby proofing seriously.

Also though, while I was reading similar stories in online mom forums to make myself feel better I read a few about women’s children taking tampon applicators out of public restrooms and putting them in their mouth, so keep that in mind to!

Well there you have it. My absolute worst mom fail (so far). Now it’s your turn, please share your mom fails in the comments below! Seriously, please, I need to hear them after what I just did. That, or at least some words of encouragement.


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