Pinterest Group Boards For Mom Bloggers

Pinterest Group Boards

Group Boards For Mom Bloggers

If you have done any research on how to get traffic to your blog than you know that Pinterest group boards are the way to go!

Pinterest is the number one source of traffic for my blog, literally 99% of my visitors are finding me through Pinterest! The more group boards I join, the more traffic I get. So, I encourage you to join as many as you can!

Finding and asking to join Pinterest group boards can be very time-consuming as well. So, I have put together this list below to help you get started.

But first…

(Pst! If you haven’t started a blog yet check out How To Start A Mom Blog)

What Are Pinterest Group Boards?

They are just like a regular board, except the creator of the board can add others to pin to the board as well. When you pin to a group board all of its collaborators and all of it followers see your content!

How Do I Join Pinterest Group Boards?

First, you want to read the board description. Not all group boards have the same rules and procedure for asking to join.

Most will ask you to follow the board and the creators account. The creator of the group board is always the first person. See below.

Once you have done that, and any other special requests, you will want to contact the board creator and ask to join the board. Some will ask you to message then on Pinterest, fill out a form on their blog, or email them.

You can say something a long the lines of…

Hello (Insert Board Creators Name),

I just came across your Pinterest Group Board (Insert Board Name) and I would love to join! I have followed you and the board. (Mention any other completed request that they have asked for, if there are any)

My blog is (insert your blog url so they can check if you are a good fit) and my Pinterest url is (insert your Pinterest url so they can find you).

Thank you!

(Insert Your Name)

That was just an example, and you’re free to use it. Just make sure you do read the board description to see what the board creators request are, because they aren’t always the same.

Keep In Mind…

You might not get accepted to every board you ask to join. Don’t let that discourage you! It does happen.

Also, if it’s been at least a week, seen a follow-up message. Board creators get a lot of requests and yours can easily and accidentally get skipped over. Us mommy bloggers are busy women with little ones running around, so it happens.

Pinterest Group Boards For Mom Bloggers

*Please note that group boards open and close to new contributors frequently. All of these boards were open when this list was made, but there are no guarantees they will be when you check.

The Mommy Guidebook (Group Board)

Terrific Mommy Blogs

Simply Bloggers Pin

Simple Living Mama Group Board


Pinterest Ninjas Group Board

Pay It Forward Pinterest

Motherhood Collaboration Board


Momtastic Mommy Bloggers

Moms Helping Moms group board

Mommy Blogger Love Group Board

Mommy & Wife Life

Marvelous Mom Tribe l Group Board

Managing Mommies

Mamas of Little Ones

Mamas Never Bored Group Board

Mama Bloggers Free For All

Lovely Little Ones


Lifestyle & Mom Group Board

Joyful Messes

Journey Through Motherhood

Flaunt Your Blog Post Group Board

First Time Mom Group Board

Family and Parenting Group Board

Everything Mom

Everything baby: a group board for moms

Blogger Round-Up

Blog Sharing Board

Best Pins For Moms

All About Baby



Becoming Mom Group

Mom Life Is Awesome Group Board

Mom Blogs l Stop, Collaborate, and Pin Them

Blogging Moms Group Board

Mom Life (Mom Bloggers Group Board)

Mom Life {Group Board}

Parenting & Mom Hacks (Group Board)

Mom’s Run The World- Group Board

Super Moms United Group Board

Not Your Average Mom Blogger Group Board

Mom Bloggers Mixer l GROUP BOARD


Thank for stopping by. Give this a share to help other mom bloggers!

If you would like you group board added to the list leave a comment!

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