Special Gifts For Kids With Unique Names

Personalized gifts for kids with unique names

Ugh. So, my name is Sierrah.

No, that’s not a typo. It’s really spelt with an “H”

Don’t get me wrong, I love my name.

However, as a child I was always so disappointed when we’d be out shopping and we would come across stuffed animals, mugs, key chains, etc. with names on them.

I would look and look and look, but never find anything with my name on it. At least not spelled correctly.

As a child, if I had received any gift with my name on it I would have been thrilled!

So, inspired by my childhood disappointment, I’ve put together a list of personalized gifts that will put stars in the eyes of all children with beautiful, but rare, names.

Special Gifts For Kids With Unique Names

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Christmas Story Book

Imagine your little ones excitement when they unwrap this personalized Christmas story book. Throughout this magical Christmas story the characters in the book bring out each letter of your child’s name to hang on the tree. This will definitely make up for not finding their name on that key chain. If you want this book for this Christmas you have to act fast, their deadline to order and receive it in time is December 7th!

Personalized Christmas Story Book

Name Crayon Gift Box

This is no ordinary crayon box. Any little artist will light up when they see their name spelled out in colorful crayons.

Personalized crayons

Sequin Unicorn Pillow

The little princess in your life will go crazy for this personalized pillow. It starts out a solid color sequins and with the swipe of your hand it reveals a majestic unicorn design and your little ones name.

Sequin Pillow
Sequins Pillow

Personalized Blanket

Soft, cozy, and perfect for your little one to snuggle up with.This blanket has your cuties name written all over it…literally.

Personalized blanket

Wooden Name Puzzle

It’s never too soon for your little one to start learning how to spell their unique name. Get them started now with this personalized puzzle.

Personalized puzzle

Little Chef Apron

Do you have a little chef in your life? If their dishes are as unique as their names they might need this apron.

Little Chef Apron

Children’s Recliner

I don’t even have words for how adorable it is that there are personalized child sized recliners!

Child sized recliner


Super Hero Cape

Every little super hero needs a cape. Comes with ton of colors and styles to choose from so you’re sure to find one your super boy or girl will love.

Super Hero Cape

Growth Chart

I’ve always thought the traditions of recording your child’s growth on the wall of your home is the sweetest, but it’s just so sad to lose that if you ever have to move. This personalized growth chart is such a great alternative.

Growth Chart


Piggy Bank

Last but not least we have these cute little personalized piggy banks!

Personalized gift piggy bank

I hope one of these personalized gifts puts a smile on your little angels face this holiday season!

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Personalized gifts for kids with unique names
Personalized gifts for kids with unique names
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