What Moms Need To Survive Potty Training A Toddler

What Moms Need To Survive Potty Training A Toddler

Potty training a toddler is anything but easy.


Here are nine things you need to make it better.


What Moms Need To Survive Potty Training A Toddler


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While you may have come across many posts of mothers claiming they easily potty trained their perfect angel child in 3 days, for most, potty training is anything but easy.


It takes time and a lot of patience on your part.


One mistake I made potty training my daughter was starting at a very busy hectic time in our lives.


It is extremely hard to stay calm and be patient when you have a million other things happening.


Try to start potty training when both you and your child are ready and preferably when no big events, like a new baby or moving, is going on.






I started potty training my daughter with the intention of giving the endeavoring my complete undivided attention.


However, like I said, at the time our lives were very hectic.


When it comes to potty training your child you need to be on top of bringing them to the toilet ever half hour or so.


You need to be consistent.


It wasn’t until I had a three day weekend that our potty training efforts really took off.


I dedicated those three days to potty training, bringing her to the toilet ever half hour and after doing that for three days in a row she really started to get it.


Having the time without any other distractions was the kickstart we really needed.


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Cleaning Supplies


Get ready to go through more paper towels in the next couple months than you have in your entire life.


For me personally, cleaning up pee multiple times a day has been the worst part of potty training.


Its inevitable, it’s going to happen, so be prepared.


Here is a list of cleaning supplies to get through it. If you’re looking to save money you can buy in bulk online and use Ebates to get cash back.



and if you really want to spoil yourself






If you want to save yourself a lot of frustration and scrubbing, cover your entire house in waterproof pads.


I’m serious, after you peel, wash, dry, and stretch couch covers back onto their cushions you’ll be begging for a waterproof couch cover.


Obviously you can’t cover your whole house but definitely consider beds, couches, high chair, car seat and play areas.


Here are the best products I could find:




Pull ups

Training Pants


Pull-ups are great for avoiding accidents when you’re out of the house and for nighttime.


I didn’t want to clean up pee at all so I thought I would go straight from diapers to pull-ups but that was a mistake.


The pull-up gave her the same comfort as a diaper.


When she had pee soak her pants she really didn’t like that and it definitely helped her learn to use the potty instead.


My daughter loooves Minnie Mouse so I’ve been telling her it makes Minnie sad when you pee on her.


Whatever works right?


Potty Training Toilet

Training Toilet


I tried getting out of having to clean a training toilet too by skipping to a toilet seat.


Turns out toddlers don’t like their feet not touching the ground, sitting on a bowl full of water, while you’re asking them to do something they don’t understand.


Alexa was much more willing to use this potty and I liked that it didn’t ruin my bathroom decor.


You might also want a smaller one for in the car.


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Toilet seat


Training Seat


Once your little one is ready, you can transition them to the big toilet.


Using a training seat will help them feel safer.


My daughter liked this one because it has handles she can hold.


Flushable Wipes


Flushable Wipes


Wipes clean better than toilet paper.


You’ll still want to use them for a while, so switch to flushable wipes.


What Moms need to survive potty training


Strawberry Daiquiris On The Beach


Every mother deserves strawberry daiquiris on the beach once she has successfully potty trained her child.


I’m still waiting for mine though, so don’t hold your breath.


A girl can dream right?


How is your journey going potty training a toddler? I want to know in the comments below!


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What Moms Need To Survive Potty Training A Toddler
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2 thoughts on “What Moms Need To Survive Potty Training A Toddler

  1. My gosh! I wish I found this sooner! A few months ago I started the potty training process with not one but two toddler boys and it was so stressful. We got through it and now both boys are potty trained. Although the current battle now is actually getting them to go. While they aren’t having any accidents, I still have to take them to the bathroom to remind them that everyone needs to go the bathroom throughout the day.

  2. You poor thing! I had enough of a hard time with one, I couldn’t imagine two at a time. I still have to remind my daughter too. It won’t last forever, they’ll get the hang of it!

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