Did I Fall For A Beauty Scam On Facebook?

Did I Fall For A Beauty Scam On Facebook?

Did I fall for a beauty scam on Facebook? I’m not sure yet, but let’s find out together.

I’m just entering my second year of mommy blogging and I’m so excited to add a beauty section to the blog.

As I started to take more interest in beauty products, Facebook ads for beauty products started to catch my eye.

Videos with testimonials showing how well these products worked really reeled me in.

The comments under these videos consisted of many women asking questions about the products but also women saying they bought these products and had amazing results.

Video proof. Great reviews. Small investment. What’s could go wrong?

Did I Fall For A Beauty Scam On Facebook?

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Eyelash Serum Scam

Let’s talk about the who and the what

I saw two different videos for two different companies.

One was from a company called Glam Girl promoting a full coverage foundation called Phoera.

The other was a company called ForChics promoting an eyelash growth serum called Forlash.

I always thought I was quite the skeptic and do my research and read reviews before making purchases.

I figured seeing video and picture evidence, along with comments on the videos saying the product worked and only 5 and 4 star reviews on the company’s website, was all the proof I needed.

What’s Sketchy About Glam Girl

Both of these companies ship their products from China and I was aware shipping could take up to a month.

I was so excited to receive them and try them out that, while I was waiting, I would look them up to read more good reviews.

When I went back to the Glam Girl video for the Phoera foundation I came across a very concerning comment. I wish I had a screenshot for you but the video has since been deleted.

The comment said that one of the clips was from a makeup artist’s YouTube video reviewing a different foundation. I looked up the video on YouTube and it was true.

Glam Girl used this girls YouTube video of her reviewing a different foundation to promote their Phoera foundation.

Phoera Foundation Scam

Digging deeper

Already pretty upset, I started digging deeper hoping maybe I could find some good news.

I decided to try to find some YouTube video reviews for the actual Phoera Foundation…and I did.

The good news was the ladies received their orders. The foundation seemed to work well, but not as unbelievably well as Glam Girl had led on.

The bad news, Phoera foundation isn’t exclusively sold by Glam Girl and you can get it from Amazon for a third of the price.

A third of the price and two day shipping as opposed to a month wait with Glam Girl.

Did I Fall For A Scam?

I’d have to say yes and no.

I definitely got ripped off on the price, but can I really be mad at Glam Girl because I wasn’t smart enough to shop around?

I’d like to think a little bit, but I also have to take a little responsibility.

I did end up receiving the product, which was a big concern after reading a few stories of women stating they waited months without receiving it with no word from Glam Girl.

If you’d like to see if the Phoera foundation is any good please subscribe to my blog to get notified when I put out my honest review soon.


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What’s Sketchy About ForChics

Forlash eyelash serum scam

A lot.

They aren’t accredited by the BBB and I could not find a single review for Forlash anywhere but their Facebook or their website.

No other reviews found through google search and no product review videos on YouTube.

I could not find out a thing about this company or if I was going to actually get this product.

Did I Fall For A Scam?

I can’t say yet.

I couldn’t find Forlash sold anywhere but ForChics and their price seemed close to other cheaper eyelash serums I could find on Amazon.

After about a month I did receive the product and if you would like to be notified when I put out the review please subscribe to my blog.

The video ForChics used to promote Forlash on Facebook showed significant results by 4 weeks, so we’ll see, but I’ll have to admit I’m less than optimistic.


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  • Whether the products work or not they were promoted with false advertising
  • If you don’t recognize a company do some research and check with the BBB
  • Subscribe to my blog to get an update when I put out my honest reviews of these products soon.

Have you ever fallen for a beauty scam? Tell me about your experience! I want to know in the comments below!

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Did I Fall For A Beauty Scam On Facebook?
Did I Fall For A Beauty Scam On Facebook?


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