Full Coverage Phoera Foundation Review

Full Coverage Phoera Foundation Review

In a recent post I talked about how I may have fallen for a beauty scam on Facebook. One of the products that I had bought was Glam Girl’s Phoera Foundation.

I promised a review and here it is. Let’s see if I really did get scammed or not.

Full Coverage Phoera Foundation Review

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Heading for my mid 20’s my acne is finally starting to clear up, thank God.

But it’s still left me with a very uneven skin tone, blotchy redness, dark marks, and scars.

Phoera Foundation Results


Glam Girl made a lot of claims about this foundation, that I will touch more on later in this post, but when they say full coverage they mean FULL COVERAGE.

Redness, dark marks, scars, all disappear like magic.

More Before And After Photos




Phoera Foundation Results



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Phoera Foundation Review



Beware of Glam Girl and other beauty ads on Facebook

I don’t want anyone to get over excited and jump to purchasing this foundation without reading this full post.

It does have pros and cons and I will go over those.

If you don’t make it to the end, there is just one thing that I have to stress to you.

I do not recommend you purchase Phoera Foundation from Glam Girl.

Not only did this company use a YouTube video of a makeup artist reviewing dermacol foundation to promote phoera foundation, they also charge you more than half as much money as you can get it here.

Be careful with any ads you see on Facebook. I’m not saying they are all bad, but some companies do use false advertising, pay people for good reviews, delete bad comments, etc.

Did I Get Scammed?

I would say yes and no.

I did receive the product after about a month. I works well, and I like it.

Buuuut it’s not the same makeup I saw them using in the video, I could have gotten it much cheaper, and it doesn’t work nearly as unbelievably well as they said it would.


Full Coverage

Phoera foundation covers like no other foundation I have ever used. I put on one thin layer and then went once more over a few problem spots and instantly my face was a blank canvas.


I could definitely feel that I was wearing makeup, but for a foundation that covers like a concealer I was expecting to feel like I had my face painted and that wasn’t the case at all.

Water Resistant

I could not get this foundation off the back of my hand without soap which got me really excited.

Unfortunately though, I have an extremely oily face. After hours of wearing Phoera the oil from my face broke it down.

So when I splashed water on my face a lot came off, leaving my face blotchy looking.

I’m curious though how well it would work for someone who doesn’t have very oily skin. I bet it would be a lot more water resistant.


Oil Control

I feel a little bad complaining about this because, like I said, I have extremely oily skin.

Because of this, after about an hour, my forehead and chin start to look a little cakey.

I’m used to this with other foundations but I was hoping, because Phoera says oil controlling on the bottle, this one would be different.

It’s not a deal breaker for me. I just dab at those areas with the tips of my fingers every once in a while and it blends back in.

Takeaways For Phoera Foundation Review

I have to give Phoera foundation a thumbs up because the coverage is just unbeatable, compared to anything else I have tried.

It’s more than worth the price, as long as you get it here, and not from Glam Girl.

Be smart, don’t be like me! Do your research and you’ll save yourself some money.

Have you tried Phoera? What’s your favorite foundation? Let me know in the comments below!


Phoera foundation review


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Full Coverage Phoera Foundation Review
Full Coverage Phoera Foundation Review

Phoera Full coverage liquid foundation
Full Coverage Phoera Foundation Review #phoera


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