31 Family Halloween Costumes

31 Family Halloween Costumes

Is it time to start planning your family Halloween costumes?

I think it is!

We have to face it, summer is coming to an end and fall is right around the corner.

It’s almost time for apple picking, fall festivals, and a super fun family holiday, Halloween!

In the spirit of the holiday and for my own brainstorming, I’ve rounded up a few great theme ideas for family Halloween costumes.

Alexa wants us to be everything on this list so please know these family Halloween costumes are at least toddler approved 😊

For your convenience I have linked to costume suggestions for you as well. Enjoy!

31 Family Halloween Costumes

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It took me days to round up all these family Halloween costume ideas. It would mean the world to mean if you shared this by pinning it on Pinterest. There are Pinterest share buttons at the top and bottom of this post. Thank you so much for supporting my blog ❤️

Jack Jack Incredibles Family Halloween Costume

The Incredibles

Has this movie been on repeat at your house?

Pixar put out the sequel to The Incredibles with a 14 year gap.

I watched this movie when I was a kid and now my daughter loves it too.

What a way to grab different audience demographics? Making The Incredibles perfect family Halloween costumes!

Toddler Cow Costume

Family Farm

If you’re looking for more simple sweet family Halloween costumes then you might like dressing up as a family farm.

Little ones looks super cute in animal costumes and the adults can dress as farmers.

Or, if you want a funny twist you can flip it. Mom and Dad are animals and the kids are the farmers.

Adult crow costume

Women’s Scare Crow Costume

Toddler Pumpkin Family Halloween Costumes



The Pumpkin Patch

The Flintstones

The Flintstones

We were The Flintstones last year. Devins mom made our costumes and she did such a good job.

I just wish I took more pictures. I didn’t get one of Devin and I wish we had gotten a group photo.

Make a mental note, don’t forget to get a group photo!

Baby Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story

Go to infinity and beyond this Halloween with baby buzz and the rest of the Toy Story gang.

There are so many characters to choose from, making this theme great family Halloween costumes for big families.

Winnie The Pooh Costume

Winnie The Pooh

Another sweet family Halloween costume theme and a great option for bigger families with so many characters to choose from.

Baby Tiger Costume


Is there any cuter family Halloween costume theme than daddy Aladdin, mommy Jasmine, and her little baby pet tiger?

Minion costume

Despicable Me

There nothing more adorable than a few tiny minions. I have a theory they were modeled after toddlers anyway.

Small, cute, make no sense when they talk. I mean come on it’s a match made in heaven.

Add Daddy Gru and Mommy Lucy and you have yourself a family Halloween theme.

Marshall Paw Patrol Costume

Paw Patrol

Heres a good one with seven costumes to choose from with this popular kids cartoon.

Cat and the hat costume

Cat And The Hat

Rapunzel Costume

Flynn Ryder Costume


Mini Mouse Costume

Mickey Mouse Club House

Willy Wonka Family Halloween Costume

Willy Wonka

Whether you like the new movie or the original, the whole family can get on board with these fun family Halloween costumes.

Tinker Bell Costume


Olaf Costume


Princess Lolly Costume

Candy Land Board Game

I have never seen anyone dress up as Candy Land board game characters for Halloween. This is such a unique family Halloween costume theme.

This one must be so unique that no one has thought of making the costumes yet because princess Lolly is the only one I could find.

If you’re a craft family and you make your own costumes you should definitely give this theme a try.

Send pictures if you do, I would love to see them! 

Family Grinch Halloween Costume Theme

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

That’s my family for Halloween 2019. It was a huge hit and so many kids loved seeing the grinch. We heard, “Mommy look! It’s the grinch” all night long. It was a blast 😊

Wizard of oz lion costume

Wizard Of Oz

I was a nanny for a family a while back and they dressed up as The Wizard Of Oz characters.

They made their costumes and they turned out so great.

The youngest, about two at the time, was a munchkin. He was too cute.

Monsters Inc. Sulley

Monsters Inc.

Mamas these are great family Halloween costumes if you are pregnant!

You can be Mike. Wear a green dress and then sew his face onto the belly?

Wonder Heart Bear Halloween Costume

Care Bears

I like the idea of Care Bears for Halloween costumes not only because they are super cute but they’ll keep you warm.

Man In The Yellow Hat Costume

Curious George

Our little ones are curious creatures and are constantly hanging to us like little monkeys anyway, so this feels like a good fit. 

Elmo Costume

Sesame Street

Nothing cuter than a snuggly baby Elmo for Halloween!

Goldilocks Costume

Goldilocks And The Three Bears

This Halloween costume theme works great for a family of four if you have an older daughter and a baby.

Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear, and your daughter can be Goldilocks.

Moana Family Halloween Costumes


This movie is one we’ll be singing along to for decades. There weren’t many costumes for this one but I had to include it in my list because I love it so much.

The link to Te Fiti isn’t actually a costume, but a green dress. With a few fake flowers sewn on and maybe a green wig you’d be all set. 

Queen Of Hearts Halloween Costume

Alice and Wonderland

I hope you have a big family because you’re going to need one to fill out this cast list this Halloween.

There was no dormouse costume that I could find, but I linked to a very cute mouse costume.

He also wears a purple shirt, pink jacket and bow tie that you could easily find to pull the look together.

Coco Miguel Costume


Coco is another movie on repeat here at our house. I can just about recite every line at this point.

Just in case you’re wondering, no we don’t sit around watching movies all day. We just like the background noise and Coco has a lot of great songs.

Baby Shrek Costume


Throwing it back with this one. I loved Shrek when I was younger.

The ended up making three movies but I only caught the first two.

I know in the last one they have three kids so this makes a pretty good family Halloween costume theme.

The Croods

The Croods

In my search for Halloween costumes I was a little saddened to not be able to find The Croods Halloween costumes.

If you enjoy making your own Halloween costumes The Croods would be fairly easy to do.

They’re mostly just in animal print fabrics.

Then you just need to frizz your hair and look a little dirty.

A little off subject but if you care, I also stumbled across the fact that they are making The Croods 2! Set to release sometime in 2020.

Vanelope Costume

Ralph Breaks The Internet

Um. So, this won’t be a typo. I just have to put that out there. Her name is actually Vanelope, not Penelope. Just found that out.

Monster Family Halloween Costumes

Monster Family

If you haven’t seen it, this movie is about a family who dresses up for Halloween together so I figured it was fitting.

I wasn’t able to find costumes but these would also be simple to create.

You could purchase a vampire, werewolf, Frankenstein, and mummy costume and then ad distinguishable feature.

Emmas purple eyeshadow, Fays Beanie, Max’s red bandanna, and the Dads black square glasses. 

Stuart Little Halloween Costumes

Stuart Little

Last but not least Stuart Little. Why not right?

This is a simple one for a small family and wouldn’t take much to put together.

It also is pretty normal for those moms and dads who don’t want to be dressed up. You party poopers.

Again, I couldn’t find costumes but for this theme you can pick any scene and copy those outfits. Here’s an easy one:

The Family Picture

Stuart: Start with an adorable mouse costume. Layer a long sleeve red shirt over a yellow shirt. With kaki pants and red chuck tailors.

Mom: Simple red dress and this necklace is identical to the necklace she wears in the family picture.

Dad: Wears a dark blue suit with this polka dot bow tie.

George: Wears a white suit and a black bow tie. Don’t forget the signature round glasses and Dad wears them too.

Snowball: Throwing Snowball in there just in case you have another family member you need to include. Here’s a really creepy Persian cat mask.

It took me days to round up all these family Halloween costume ideas. It would mean the world to mean if you shared this by pinning it on Pinterest. There are Pinterest share buttons at the top and bottom of this post. Thank you so much for supporting my blog ❤️

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31 Family Halloween Costume Themes For Families Big And Small. These are family costume ideas for families of three, four and more!
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