15 Social Media Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

15 Social Media Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If you’re looking for cute social media pregnancy announcement ideas then you have found the ultimate list.


So you’ve told your family and maybe even a few close friends the big news.


But now you’re ready to go public. It’s time to let everyone know that you’re having a BABY!


This is big and exciting news and you want to share it in a cute and memorable way.


I’ve gathered the most adorable and unique baby announcement photos for your inspiration.


Any of these adorable flat lay pregnancy announcements for social media will have your accounts flooded with likes and comments in no time.


Below you will find the best customizable digital pregnancy announcements for your social media pregnancy reveal.


Just purchase, edit, and post. It couldn’t be any easier.


15 Social Media Pregnancy Announcement Ideas


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Flat Lay Pregnancy Announcement


“We Have A Secret” Pregnancy Announcement 


A lot of couples announce their pregnancy before they know the baby’s gender.


So this gender neutral flat lay social media pregnancy announcement is perfect for sharing the big news earlier.


This is a digital file that the seller can easily customize with your information. Once it’s finished you’ll receive a digital file you can share on social media.


I like that with this announcement you have the option of using the generic ultrasound picture or you can have the seller put in your own.


Find it on Etsy HERE



Onesie Pregnancy Announcement Digital File



“Something Sweet” Onesie Pregnancy Announcement 


This has to be the sweetest social media pregnancy announcement we’ve seen. Pun intended.


The themed announcements for telling friends and family you’re pregnant are just adorable.


Again this is a digital file that can be edited with your own information.


Then it’s ready to post on all your social media accounts.


Cue all the comments and likes!


Find it on Etsy HERE



Flat Lay Digital Pregnancy Annoucement



“Bundle Of Joy” Digital Pregnancy Announcement 


This letter board pregnancy announcement is beautiful as is, but what I really like about this one is all of the elements are editable.


You’re able to enter your information and also move the elements of the photos if you don’t like where they are.


Since you’re able to edit this photo yourself you can get your file faster because you don’t have to wait for the seller to edit it for you.


It couldn’t get any better than that.


Find it on Etsy HERE



Digital Pregnancy Announcement Download



“Spill The Beans” Flat Lay Pregnancy Announcement


This flay lay pregnancy announcement is for all the coffee lovers.


The file is editable and you have the option of putting in your own ultrasound photo, using the generic photo, or any photo you’d like.


Use this photo as your social media pregnancy announcement today!


Find it on Etsy HERE



Cutie pie pregnancy announcement photo for social media



“Cutie Pie” Pregnancy Announcement Photo


With just a glance I already thought this was a very unique social media pregnancy announcement, but the artist really took it to the next level with the rolling pin.


If you look close you’ll see you have the option to put your names in for the baking company on the rolling pin. So cute.


This super sweet announcement is calling for you.


Find it on Etsy HERE



Calendar social media pregnancy announcement


Calendar Pregnancy Announcement 


Doesn’t this pregnancy announcement look as soft and snuggly as your baby is going to be? I think so.


I love the greenery, neutral colors, and the light and airy look.


Find it on Etsy HERE



Adventure Pregnancy Announcement


“Our Next Adventure” Pregnancy Announcement 


Having a baby is certainly a great adventure!


Announce your pregnancy on social media with this “Our Next Great Adventure” themed pregnancy announcement digital file.


Find it on Etsy HERE



Marquee Lights Pregnancy Announcement



“Oh Baby” Pregnancy Announcement 


Oh baby! Is exactly what your friends and family will say when you post this marquee light pregnancy announcement photo.


This announcement can be edited with your ultrasound photo and your due date.


Then it’s ready to post!


Find it Etsy HERE



Calendar Pregnancy Announcement


Simple Social Media Pregnancy Announcement


If you’re looking for a simple pregnancy announcement for social media then this is the one for you.


Just a calendar and pink flowers makes for a simple beautiful pregnancy reveal.


You can have this photo customized to feature your due date.


Find it on Etsy HERE



Beach Theme Pregnancy Announcement



Beach Theme Pregnancy Announcement 


How cute is this beach themed pregnancy reveal photo?


Have this customized with your family name and ultrasound photo to share on social media.


Find it on Etsy HERE





Nature Themed Pregnancy Announcement 


This baby announcement is gender neutral and highlights beautiful greenery around the border.


It has a tree stump with eucalyptus to display your baby’s name, due date, and sonogram.


Simply beautiful.


Find it on Etsy HERE



Game of thrones pregnancy announcement



Game Of Thrones Pregnancy Announcement 


This one is for my fellow Game Of Thrones fans.


Beautiful and humorous. You’re friends and family will love it.


Find it on Etsy HERE




“Wish Upon A Star” Pregnancy Announcement 


If you felt like getting pregnant was a wish come true then this is the pregnancy announcement for you.


Too ryhmey? My bad.


Edit in your information and then you’re ready to share on social media.


Find it on Etsy HERE





Light And Airy Social Media Pregnancy Announcement 


I’m a sucker for subtle.


This bright and simple design with just some flowers and ribbon is just beautiful.


Find it on Etsy HERE





Country Digital Pregnancy Announcement 


You may not know if you’re having a little cowboy or cowgirl yet. But either way, a baby is on the way.


Announce your pregnancy with this adorable country themed reveal photo.


Find it on Etsy HERE


Don’t forget to save this list to your pregnancy announcement ideas board on Pinterest. Thank you ♥️


Do you like these pregnancy announcements? How did you announce your pregnancy on social media? Or did you keep the great news to yourself?


We want to know in the comments below!


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This pregnancy announcement ideas list is full of social media pregnancy announcement ideas you’ll love. These digital files are the perfect pregnancy reveals for social media to tell your family and friends you’re pregnant. #pregnancy

This is a list of flat lay pregnancy announcements for social media. These are digital files for telling your friends and family you’re pregnant. #pregnancy
Cute social media pregnancy announcement photos. These are cute baby announcement ideas for Instagram and Facebook.
Need pregnancy announcement ideas for Instagram? These are cute ways to tell your family and friends you’re pregnant on social media.
Look at these creative social media pregnancy announcement post ideas? These are cute ways to announce you’re pregnant on Instagram and Facebook.
Looking for fun surprise pregnancy announcement to family and friends ideas? Use these social media baby announcements to tell them you’re expecting.
Social media pregnancy announcements are a fun surprise way to announce pregnancy to family and friends. See these creative baby announcing ideas for Instagram and Facebook.
Surprise pregnancy announcement photos for Instagram and Facebook are a creative and fun was to announce pregnancy to family and friends. Check out these baby announcing ideas here.


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