20 Unique Ways To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

20 Unique Ways To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

Looking for cute ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant? In today’s post I’m sharing 20 unique pregnancy announcement to husband ideas for you to surprise your hubby with the exciting news!


The first time I told my husband I was pregnant I did the classic bun in the oven pregnancy announcement. It took him a minute to get it and then the look on his face was priceless.


I still to this day cherish that moment and love telling people that story. While some may see it as an overused way to announce your pregnancy to your husband, I would still recommend it. It’s cute, simple, and makes for an adorable story.


But if you’re here because you want new pregnancy announcement ideas to tell your husband you’re expecting then you’ve come to the right place.


I wrote a list of creative ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant a couple years ago but now I’ve made a new list with some unique ideas you’re going to love. Let me know how you told your husband about the new baby in the comments below!


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How Do I Announce My Pregnancy To My Husband?


First you might be wondering, well how do I announce my pregnancy to my husband?


The answer is obviously anyway you want! You can do something simple and intimate or go big with one of these baby announcements to husband ideas on this list.


However you choose to tell him I highly recommend hiding a camera to get a video so you’ll be able to rewatch the moment over and over.


How Long Should You Wait To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant?


This is a totally personal choice of course. There is no right or wrong answer. You tell your husband you’re pregnant when you’re ready.


Personally I haven’t been able to wait much more than 10 minutes after a positive pregnancy test but I already had pregnancy reveal ideas for my husband ready to go for when the moment happened.


If you don’t think you’ll be able to wait, but you want to surprise your husband with a fun pregnancy announcement then make sure to pick from this list of creative ideas to reveal pregnancy to husband ahead of time and be prepared.


Then when the moment comes and you get that positive test you’ll be ready to tell him in a fun and unique way he’ll always remember.


20 Creative Ways To Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant




Voice record teddy bear pregnancy announcement to husband



1. Voice Recorded Teddy Bear Pregnancy Announcement 


Record a message with this personal recordable teddy bear and give it to your husband to let him know you’re expecting.


You could record yourself saying a poem like:


“Roses are red

Violets are Blue

I love you

And our baby does too”


 Or it could be cute to record the baby’s heartbeat.


Then when your baby arrives they can have a teddy bear with some serious sentimental value.



Eviction notice pregnancy announcement



2.) Man Cave Eviction Notice Baby Announcement 


This is a super adorable idea for telling your husband you’re pregnant if he has a man cave, office, workout room etc. that will need to be the baby’s nursery.


Slap this sign up on the door for a funny pregnancy announcement to your husband.


3.) Pregnancy Announcement Scavenger Hunt For Husband


The best part of a surprise is the build up, right? What better way to create fun and suspense than with a scavenger hunt to tell your husband you’re pregnant?


I found a cute free printable here.



Fishing Baby Announcement to husband



4.) New Fishing Buddy Baby Announcement To Husband


Is your husband an avid fisherman? Give him this cute fishing lure to tell your husband you’re expecting.



Pregnancy announcement with dogs



5.) Pregnancy Announcement To Husband With Dog


Do you already have a fur baby at home? Why not have them announce your pregnancy to your husband for you?


You can find this cute baby announcement bandana for dogs here or check out my list of these other cute pregnancy announcements with dogs for more inspiration here.




You hit the target bullet pregnancy announcement



6.) You Hit The Target Bullet Pregnancy Announcement Gift To Husband


This is a cute funny pregnancy announcement for husbands and perfect for any daddy’s to be that are into hunting.



Golf pregnancy announcement to husband


7.) Golf Baby Announcement Gift To Husband


Is Daddy a golf player? Give him this New Gulf Buddy Ball Marker to let him know a baby is on the way!



Beer label baby announcement to husband


8.) Beer Label Surprise Pregnancy Announcement


Does your husband like to grab a nice cold beer from the fridge after a long hard day at work? Then you need these pregnancy announcement printable beer labels.


They may look similar to his favorite brand of beer but these cold ones come wrapped in a message that should have him smiling from ear to ear.




My jokes are dad jokes shirt


9.) My Jokes Are Officially Dad Jokes


Is your husband a funny guy? Always cracking jokes?


When it comes to telling your husband you’re pregnant you need to give him this shirt. Because his jokes are officially dad jokes!



Guitar pick pregnancy announcement



10.) Guitar Pick Pregnancy Announcement Gift 


If your husband plays the guitar then a sweet pregnancy announcement gift for him would be this engraved guitar pick. It says “New Music Buddy Coming Soon” and you can find it here.




Pregnancy Announcement fortune cookies


11.) “We are pregnant” Fortune Cookies


If you and your husband like Chinese food then this could be the announcement for you. Nothing like a full belly of take out and then the surprise of a lifetime for desert when he opens up one of these fortune cookies.


That will certainly be the best fortune he’ll ever read!


12.) Photo Booth


Whether he’s all smiles, sheds a tear, or gives you a look of terror and fear, you’re going to want this on camera.


Hop in a photo booth with your husband and when the camera starts clicking let him know the big news. Those will be your favorite photos for a very long time.


At least until your baby comes!





Pacifier ice cube tray



13.) Pacifier Ice Cubes In His Drink


Bring your hubby a drink with these pacifier ice cubes in it. When he asks what they are or why, let him know you just want him to get use to seeing that shape around.


It might help him find the real thing quicker when the baby comes. Those pesky pacifier are very good at hiding you know?


This is a cute way for your husband to find out you’re expecting, let just hope he’s not so shocked he drops the glass.


14.) Make Yourself Two Plates For Dinner


At dinner time start making yourself two plates. You may even make it to the table and have to start eating from both of them.


Eventually he’ll ask why and you can tell him you’re eating for two! Get ready for him to drop his fork, his jaw, but hopefully not the food in his mouth.



Engraved watch baby announcement to husband



15.) Baby Watch Begins


This is a nice pregnancy announcement gift idea for husbands. You can have this watch engraved to say anything, like “You’re going to be a daddy”. 


Personally I like, “Baby watch begins” then your due date month. Whatever you decided, your husband will cherish this present.


16.) Put A Car Seat In His Truck


You may have to be a little sneaky but if you can pull it off then this could be a cute pregnancy announcement idea for your husband.


Install a car seat in his truck and clip in a teddy bear or babydoll. Then leave a card or note on it saying it’s time to start practicing.


17.) Play Hang Man Or Scrabble


Do you and your husband have a game night? Spell out the surprise in a fun game of hang man or scrabble!


You could spell out something like baby, due date, or daddy and wait to see if he catches on.



Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcement



18.) Harry Potter Pregnancy Announcement


Do we have any Harry Potter nerds in the crowd? Give your husband this Marauders Map baby announcement to tell him you’re expecting.


This map looks like the one similar to the movie except you’ll see baby footprints in the nursery and moms footprints walking to the snack closet.


It’s a super cute Harry Potter themed baby announcement your husband will love.


19.) Spill The Beans


Looking for a cute but simple pregnancy announcement for your husband? Spill some beans on the counter and put your positive pregnancy test on top.


Get it? Spill the beans? All that’s left to do is wait for your husband to find it!


20.) Add It To His Calendar


Grab your husbands phone when he isn’t paying attention and add an event to his calendar for your first prenatal appointment. Set it to send him an alert a week before.


This of course only works if you’ve scheduled your first prenatal appointment and you have the patience to wait to tell him. But if you do, it would be a fun surprise way for your husband to find out you’re going to have a baby.


How are you planning to tell your husband you’re pregnant? Have you done a fun pregnancy announcement for your husband in the past? Let us know in the comments below!


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20 cute and creative ways to announce you are pregnant to your husband. Whether it’s your first baby, second or third surprise your husband with these fun ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant. These are pregnancy announcement ideas he will love. Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for funny pregnancy announcements or creative baby announcements ideas you will find one that’s perfect for you.

Surprise your husband with one of these unique and creative pregnancy announcement to husband ideas and gifts. Whether you want funny pregnancy announcement ideas or something simple you’ll find the right baby announcements to your husband on this list.
These are creative ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant. Come see these unique pregnancy announcement to husband ideas that are cute and funny. If you don’t know how to tell your husband you’re pregnant try one of these surprise baby announcements to husbands.
How to tell your husband you’re pregnant! Try one of these 20 unique pregnancy announcement to husband ideas. These are funny and simple baby announcements to husbands.
Give your husband a cute surprise pregnancy announcement that is unique and creative. This list has 20 pregnancy announcement to husband ideas that are funny and simple to do.


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