15 Helpful Lesser-known Baby Products

15 Helpful lesser-known baby products

I love finding new and useful baby products that make life easier for moms.


Because let’s face it, taking care of a baby is HARD.


Anything that can make that first year easier is a baby must have in my book.


I put this post of helpful lesser-known baby products together a few years ago and it was a hit.


So now every year or so I like to scour the internet for those new life saving baby products moms just don’t know about yet.


Today I’ve put together a list of 15 helpful lesser-known baby products you don’t want to be without!


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15 Helpful Lesser-Known Baby Products


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Boon Collapsible Baby Bathtub


Boon Collapsible Bathtub


Babies require a lot of baby gear and it starts to add up and take up a lot of space.


That’s why I love this collapsible baby bath tub by Boon. The walls are made of a foldable material so your baby tub takes up less space when it’s not in use.


This baby bath tub fits both infants and toddlers with a reclining wall for infants.


Find it on Amazon HERE



Freezable Pacifier



Freezable pacifier


This pacifier offers immediate relief for your teething baby. Simply fill with water and freeze.


This freezable pacifier is leak proof and the cooling effects last up to 40 minutes. More than enough time to soothe baby to sleep.


Find it on Amazon HERE


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Hand blocking changing pad for babies



Snoofybee Changing Pad


There is nothing worse than a handsy baby when it comes to changing a poopy diaper.


The Snoofybee changing pad solves this problem with its hand blocking design.


You can even attach toys to keep your baby occupied while you’re changing their diaper.


Find it on Amazon HERE



Infantino Squeeze Station



Infantino Squeeze Station


All moms love the convenience of baby food pouches.


But after hearing reports of toxic heavy metals in store bought baby food more moms are making their own or switching to a safer alternative.


If you choose to make your own baby food then you need this squeeze station by Infantino.


Easily fill these reusable food pouches with your homemade baby food purées to create convenient healthy baby meals on the go.


Find it on Amazon HERE



Baby walking harness



Baby Walking Harness


Help your baby learn to walk with this training harness.


The harness securely supports baby while parents hold the bar and help their baby walk.


Find it on Amazon HERE



Portable pacifier sterilizer



Portable Pacifier Sterilizer


Imagine dropping your only pacifier in a dirty parking lot on your way into the grocery store while your baby is losing their mind screaming.


Been there. Done that.


Problem solved with the Munchkin portable pacifier sterilizer. Clean off any debris and pop the pacifier in for one minute to kill 99.99% of germs.


Find it on Amazon HERE


BabyDam Bathtub Divider


Once your baby out grows there little infant tub it can be difficult giving them a bath in a regular sized tub.


The BabyDam bathtub divider is a barrier you can use in your tub to save on water.


It creates the perfect amount of space in your tub to give your baby a bath until they’re ready for the full tub.


Check it out HERE



Baby bath shower head



Yookidoo Shower Head


Yookidoo’s compact baby bath shower head rinser makes bathtime for newborns, infants and toddlers fun!


This portable shower head uses the water from the bath tub and controls the flow of water out of the Elephant’s trunk!


Designed with patented softness for safety, comfort and ease in mind to allow for the best possible bathing experience.


Find it on Amazon HERE



Grippi Bottle Ball



Grippi Bottle Ball


The Grippi Bottle Ball is easy to grab for little hands so babies can hold their own bottle.


This fun bottle holder promotes fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and independence.


Find it on Amazon HERE



Bottle holder



Babaste Bottle holder


This bottle holder suctions to baby’s high chair for easy feeding.


Babaste allows parents to be hands-free during feeding times, and helps children develop their strength and motor skills in the form of hand-eye coordination.


Find it on Amazon HERE



Portable bottle warmer



Portable Bottle Warmer


No more crying over cold milk!


This is a cordless portable bottle warmer for heating baby’s bottle on the go.


Find it on Amazon HERE



Stroller hooks



Stroller Hook


Heaven knows when you go anywhere with a baby you need to pack the whole house with you right?


When you run out of room under the stroller then these stroller hooks come in super handy.


Find them on Amazon HERE



Munchkin Food Pouch Spoon Tips



Munchkin Click Lock Pouch Spoons


These spoon tips screw on to feeding pouches!


It’s all the convenience of a feeding spoon without the mess to clean up afterwards.


Any baby product that prevents a mess for me to clean is a must have for me.


Find it on Amazon HERE



Baby pool beach tent



Baby Pool Beach Tent


Believe it or not it is actually possible to enjoy a beach day with baby with this baby pool beach tent.


Baby can play in a shallow pool of water while being protected from the sun.


Find it on Amazon HERE



Best baby food maker



Best Baby Food Maker


If you do plan to make your own baby food then you can’t be without this baby food maker.


It’s unique design allows you to cook three meals at once.


This monster can cook, steam, sterilize, juice, warm, defrost, purée, and chop.


Find it on Amazon HERE


Those were some super helpful baby products am I right? What ones will you be adding to your baby registry?


Is there anything I missed? Let me know what is the most useful baby product you have in the comments below!


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